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About Us

Do It Greener Foundation was the brainchild of Yvette Brown and her daughter, Ayden.  Due to health issues, Yvette began eating a plant-based diet.  Through time and with a great deal of research, Yvette found that her diet was extremely beneficial to the environment.  With this knowledge, she encouraged Ayden as well as her husband, Marcus, to participate in a plant-based diet.  This life choice soon resonated with other extended family and friends.
In addition to the plant-based diet, Ayden joined an eco-friendly club sponsored at her high school.  As a co-founder and member of this club, she learned so much about how making small and simple changes can make a positive impact on our environment.  Ayden and Yvette continued to observe the choices that they made in their daily lives, and they quickly realized that it was a little difficult to be eco-friendly in their everyday activities outside of the home.
On a three-week business trip to Jamaica, Ayden and Yvette found that this small island was essentially plastic free.  In observing the practices in Jamaica, they realized that these are practices that can be incorporated in their own community.  The smartest way to ensure that this happens is to get the community to work together as a team.  As a result, Yvette and Ayden decided to begin a nonprofit organization dedicated to making our community, our state, our country, as well as our world more eco-friendly.  We can all do things a little “greener.”

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